About us and our mission

-About Us-

We prosper in exceeding our customer's expectations through our fully managed solutions. In today's economy, reducing costs while enhancing productivity is the key to success. As a nationwide provider of telecommunication / technology communications solutions, Transparent VoIP understands that businesses today face increasing budgetary constraints. Our passion is to work with our customers to reduce their operating costs while reaching higher standards of productivity through our products and services.

Let us be an extension of your core team and handle your business VoIP so that you can spend your time and talents elsewhere. As business VoIP providers, we work tirelessly to ensure your communications are running efficiently 24/7. We pride ourselves on providing top-tier service at an affordable rate, and our business VoIP services can help you save money, too.

-Our Mission-

To provide a fully managed service that gives organizations feature-rich, inexpensive solutions they need while allowing them the freedom to focus on their core business.