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What is VoIP?
VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is simply phone service over the internet. Instead of an old-fashioned analog phone network, calls are routed and made using the internet. There is no longer a need for separate voice and data networks. This allows for an elaborate phone system with feature-rich communication.

Why choose VoIP over analog phone lines?
VoIP service cost substantially less than traditional analog lines. Generally, VoIP providers can offer services that can save you on your overall telecommunication costs. Transparent VoIP simple pricing also includes every feature we offer.

What is the difference between VoIP and traditional analog phone lines?
VoIP systems do no limit the number of concurrent phone calls like traditional analog lines. With VoIP, you are also getting a managed phone system not just phone lines. VoIP provides many features which are all included in the monthly service for the system such as local and long distance calls, voicemail to email, caller ID, call waiting, automated menu options, call transferring, custom schedules, flexible answering rules, music on hold, blacklisting and many more.

Can I keep my number?
Yes, our team can port any U.S. local or Toll-Free numbers from any existing carrier. Majority of VoIP providers allow number porting so you can use the same number you had with your previous provider. Be aware that number porting is not instant and can take up to 10 business days.

I am moving soon. Can I take my VoIP phone system with me?
Yes. VoIP phones work with an IP address. IP addresses don’t have physical locations, so that means you can take your IP phones to any physical location that has high-speed

What are your most popular/useful features?
Our most popular feature is voicemail to email. When a caller leaves you a message we instantly send you that message as an MP3 via email. We also have an option to transcribe the message to readable text.

Our most useful feature is FollowMe. This allows users to forward calls to their mobile devices with the push of one button.

How is the VoIP voice quality, compared to traditional telephone systems?
VoIP offers HD voice quality. VoIP voice quality has drastically improved and is above the quality of a landline phone. VoIP voice quality does differ from provider to provider. With Transparent VoIP we QoS the voice data guarantee HD voice quality.

What is QoS (quality of service) and why is it important?
QoS is data prioritization. Our technicians optimize your internet speed and prioritize VoIP traffic to ensure HD voice quality at all times.

How fast does my internet connection have to be for a VoIP phone system?
Upon onsite survey, we administer a speed test to analyze how the system will run on your connection. We can work with speeds as low as 6mb with our QoS. 1mb (1024k total) allows up to 10 (each call is 100k) simultaneous phone calls for a general idea of how much bandwidth a single call takes out of your internet connection.

Can I use my Internet and phone at the same time?
Yes. A VoIP call does not use very much bandwidth, so you can surf the Internet and talk on the phone at the same time. Our QoS ensures that your voice traffic goes first: this means you will have a clear call. internet.

Do I need to be tech-savvy to use VoIP?
No. We take care of the installation and maintenance of your VoIP phone system. Tell us how to customize your system to cater to your organizational needs. We get it done.

Can I use any phone or the phone I already have for VoIP? Yes, you can with an ATA (analog telephone adapter) adapter, however, you will lose some capability to use all the VoIP features. We will be able any SIP-compliant VoIP phone that you may already own as well which omits to have to purchase new additional hardware.

Can you call 911 on VoIP and will my location be found?
Yes. We offer “Enhanced 911” (E911). Enhanced 911 or E911 is a North American telephone network (NANP) feature of the 911 emergency-calling system that automatically associates a physical address with the calling party’s telephone number.

How do I make outgoing calls or receive calls with a VoIP phone?
You would make calls the same way you do on a traditional phone. There is a very small learning curve to learn the additional features that are included but it is a very seamless replacement to your traditional phone.

Who can I call with VoIP?
You can make a call to anyone with a phone number. You are not limited to only making calls within a certain network.

Can I make calls using my mobile device?
Transparent VoIP phone service allows you to use your phone from your desk or on the go with our Transparent VoIP mobile app. Work seamlessly by being able to receive and make outgoing calls with our app. Designed for both iOS and Android users.

Can I get local telephone numbers in other area codes other than mine?
Yes. One of the great benefits of VoIP is that you can have a telephone number assigned to you in any area code where you do not live or work. You can have a local presence in many different cities with a local number for customers to call. Transparent Business VoIP allows a customer to call that local number which can be answered by the company anywhere in the country.

Can I use my phone during a power outage?
Transparent VoIP has a backup protocol that routes the phone calls to a backup mobile number that you provide us with. If there is not mobile number all calls will still go through to voicemail instead of being sent to a busy tone. You will be able to still retrieve the voicemail messages so no calls are missed. Not all VoIP providers offer this as a backup protocol for power outages.

Do I have to sign a contract for service?
Transparent VoIP does not require you to sign a contract. We do require 30 days written notice prior to cancellation of service.

What is the Transparent VoIP phone system installation experience like?
The process is efficient and non-disruptive. Generally, our technical team conducts an on-site survey to assess the existing telecommunication infrastructure, and then they create a customized installment schedule in collaboration with our customer. Installation usually takes less than a day, our technical team provides orientation and training. Overall, the process is much faster, easier, and simpler than our customers were led to believe before they found us.

Will switching to Transparent VoIP place a support burden on our IT team?
Not at all – and this is one of the best things about our Transparent VoIP phone system! Our expert team handles all the support and maintenance, which includes automatically installing upgrades when new innovations and features become available. There is no added burden on your IT team!

How do I pay my Transparent VoIP phone bill?
Online through our customer portal. In the portal, you can view your invoices, estimates, payment history and make payment via secure payment gateways . We accept payment via ACH and credit card. We do not accept cash.

Does Transparent VoIP offer auto pay?
Yes. Our invoices are generated on the 10th of each month. Auto pay will automatically pay your invoice on the the 10th of each month.

What if I need to add another user?
Contact Transparent VoIP support and we will be more than happy to add any additional users.

Are Transparent VoIP phone calls secure?
Yes. All Transparent VoIP phone calls are encrypted.


Fully Managed Service
Our fully managed service includes anything VoIP related. Once our system is installed at your business we assume all responsibility of maintenance and repair. This may vary from installing additional phones as your business grows to changing options on your system and everything in between.

Unlimited calls to US & Canada
Make unlimited local and long distance calls anywhere in the US and Canada

Announcement Injection
Inject notices, announcements, advertisements in any part of your call route. For example, play ad for this week’s special before transfer to the “Sales Group”

An automated attended that streamlines efficiency for your business with menu driven options. Fully customize your menu options to your business needs.

Call Group
It is typically used to send calls to a specific group to be answered. Your menu options can be lead directly to specific call groups such as sales, customer service and other departments together.

Call Screening
Announces the caller’s name before choosing to answer or send to voicemail.

Custom Schedules
Create business hours and time conditions to route your calls. Example: after-hours, business hours and holidays.

Custom Tagging
Identify the origin of the incoming calls by adding a unique tag to prefix to the callerID. For example to differentiate between a sales or support call.

Dial by Name Directory
An automated directory that allows the callers to search by first or last name.

Distinctive Ring
Select different ring tones for different call group(s) or private line(s).

Do Not Disturb
Sends caller directly to voicemail and does not ring on your extension.

List your address so that responders know where to send help in event of an emergency.

Flexible Answering Rules
Route the calls whichever direction you want.

Follow Me
Enabling this feature will allow you to receive office calls on your mobile device seamlessly. Be transparent to the caller that you are out of the office and on the go.

Call Hunting
Calls can forward to multiple numbers/extensions that will ring in a designated sequence.

Month-to-Month Contract
No long term commitment required. We are positive that you will always be satisfied with our service we do not feel the need to tie you into a contract with our services.

Music on Hold
Upload your favorite music to comfort your customers while they are waiting on hold.

Simultaneous Ring
Ring multiple extensions or numbers are the same time.

Three-Way Calling
Add a second outgoing call to an already connected call.

Toll-free, Local, International Numbers
Create a presence in any city or international country with a local number.

Read voicemail messages in your email in text format.

Voicemail to Email
Receive notification of voicemail messages via email with an attached audio clip of the message.

Work from Anywhere
Take your phone home or on the road and plug into an internet connection. Work anywhere as if you are in the office.

Call Bursting
Never miss a call! Allows more incoming calls than handsets.

Number Blacklisting
Block an unwanted number from calling you. The caller will hear a recording that the number is “no longer in service” Generally used to block persistent telemarketers

Group Paging
Classify multiple extensions into a group so you can intercom page the grou

Call Parking
Allows you to “Park” a call and pick it up on another extension or “Park It” so you can pick up the other incoming calls.

Busy Lamp Field (BLF)
A visual status on your phone to see which extension is actively on or off a call. This is most useful when transferring a call to see if the recipient is available or not.

Conference Bridge
A virtual conference room where calls are connected to hold phone meetings. For example sales meetings, customer training, etc.

TLS & SRTP encryption
Securing and encrypting the voice calls

Managed OnPremise IP-PBX
We provide a fully managed hardware phone server at your location at no cost. This is to ensure the best possible service from Transparent VoIP

Offsite Replication
Our hardware is backed up and replicated nightly. For example, if your building was damaged through fire and you had to move to a new facility. Our disaster recovery process can take as little as 2-4 hours to have your phones all up and running in your new space.

Intercom Paging
Broadcast your announcement to an individual or team with this feature. For example, You can announce to the team to let them know there is a meeting in 10 minutes.

Enterprise Class QoS Router
We provide a fully managed router to properly Qos the traffic on your network to ensure VoIP traffic priority over others. Bandwidth shaping is critical to a solid VoIP infrastructure.

Call Queuing
Placing an incoming call in a queue to be answered by an available person.

Call Recording
Automatically record company phone calls and save them securely. Train your employees on their phone interactions and protect your company (This feature is an additional cost to our services. Please contact a representative for further pricing).

Call Monitoring
An excellent training tool to get your new employees acclimated with processes or coach an existing employee with new techniques.