Case Study: Financial Business Phone System Solution

This loan provider is an established loan service that has been serving the people of California through its quick and friendly services of quick cash loan options. Their expansion has led them to have offices in several convenient locations in and throughout CA. As their business grew, so did their customer base, which included customers that speak many different languages. They have been able to build their reputation on their commitment to providing quality services in auto title loans, and thus, they were able to earn several repeat customers.

Being a state-licensed auto title loan lender, they were able to expand to offices in the following major locations:

  • Los Angeles
  • Orange County
  • San Diego
  • San Jose
  • Monterey Park
  • Anaheim
  • Gardena
  • Westminster

Irrespective of whether their customers have zero or poor credit history, a history of due bills, or ongoing mortgage pending payments, they can depend on this funding company as a go-to for high-quality loan services from a reliable, trustworthy, and a comfortably friendly lending services company.

With so much growing reputation and quality services offered, the company was strengthening its customer base. However, this growth did not come without challenges. Let’s have a quick look at the problems this growing loan company experienced when their business started expanding:

Communication problems they faced

As we mentioned, the company expanded its offices to eight different locations. The major problem they faced was that every office had its own separate business phone system. Thus, they faced company-wide communication issues that ranged from multiple bills per single location to poor audio and dropped calls. This made it difficult for the company to completely manage their business operations and its costs. As the customer base grew larger and larger, their phone system communication difficulty levels were only rising, and the company had a very hard time keeping multiple bills in order.

Subsequently, their service providers did not hold back any punches when it came to extra charges for not being on contract, tons of additional phone numbers they didn’t need and pretty much any and every way they could add on to the bill. The company found that they were nickel-and-dimed on every feature they used, and many of the telephone services didn’t even have updated features. They faced call quality issues, such as dropped calls and static calls. Thus, their customer support services had become inefficient and did not offer customers the quality of service the company needed, in order to continue to thrive.

For any business to run without hiccups, their customer contact support system needs to be running smoothly, all day, every day of the year. If customers started facing issues with point of contact with your business, then the level of impact this can have on your customer base can be huge. The company was starting to feel the hit by their different business phone systems for their different locations. The impact of communication issues was starting to get out of control.

The Transparent Solution: Multiple office phone system management

The company’s management became alarmed as they were facing some issue with their business communications system and business phone service model. After thorough research and advice from experts and experienced professionals, they found that a VoIP phone system would tremendously improve their communications flow within their business, both externally and internally.

VoIP, expanded is “Voice over Internet Protocol” and is nothing short of a revolutionary technology that utilizes and allows users to use the internet to make phone calls. While working just like your regular phones, this technology can help business communication systems to bypass the phone companies that place undesirable burdens like higher fees, taxes, and many other hassles and hidden charges for additional features.

The loan service was really quick in finding the ideal solution for their business by deciding to step into an upgrade phone system and business phone service. One that was truly tailored to meet the needs of their business now and in the future. They found a reliable service. One with transparent billing, all features included, and fully managed. They found Transparent VoIP.

How Transparent VoIP helped this loan company step into a better business communications system?

At first, when the loan provider started their search for finding the best VoIP phone service provider for their business, they landed at “Transparent VoIP.” This journey wasn’t easy for them as they could find several VoIP companies claiming to provide high-quality services, but in reality, they also came with contracts and extra costs for more features.

But fortunately, they spoke with us at Transparent VoIP and found that not only did we meet their expectations, but we exceeded their requirements with a customized fully managed package. As promised during their first meeting, we were able to put all eight of their offices on a single system. Finally, it became easier for all of their offices to contact each other, irrespective of their locations. Now, they are able to call each other through direct extensions for which they were using a full phone number previously then being transferred to the right line for each employee.

The help we offered didn’t just stop here. As the phones lines were now consolidated, so were their bills too. The funding service was able to get rid of their unwanted extra phone numbers, phones and escaped the extra charges that they were paying unnecessarily from their many previous providers. When their management calculated their bills after bringing on our fully managed VoIP services, they saw over 50% savings (across all locations).

What more does Transparent VoIP do? Immediately after they started using the VoIP services from Transparent, their internet and phone usage were being monitored in order to prevent any call quality issues. This was possible as Transparent VoIP provided an operator panel to the loan service that enabled them to monitor all the eight offices in a single portal.

Furthermore, a support representative was assigned to them, which whom they can call directly for any issues or changes that need to be made to their VoIP phone system. Thereafter, their company growth didn’t face any hindrance and their business operations expenses, no longer suffered at the hands of constricting contracts and hidden charges. Now, they only focus on growing!

Thus, for any business with offices in different locations, using a VoIP phone system is the real and ideal solution to combat the growing communications demands of today. Not only can it help retain your repeat customers, but it can also help you see a lot of savings. With the internet taking over the world, it’s high time for us to leave the old phone system for proven, tested and revolutionary technology. Feel free to call us on (619) 866 4077 to discuss your business communications problem. We’d be happy to help your business find the right phone system solution backed by the best business VoIP phone service: Transparent VoIP. We don’t just find solutions for the now. We anticipate solutions for the future!