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Receive Office Calls Anywhere
  • Connect office calls to your mobile device
  • Employees numbers follow wherever they go
  • Extend your office phone to your home office
  • Never miss a call when you`re away

Ever wonder how your business can benefit
by switching to a business VoIP system?
Better Phone System at a Lower Cost.
Pricing Starts at $25/month. Call us for a quote at 877-595-8635
Should Your Business Switch to VoIP?
Any small-to-mid-size business that is looking for a reliable, flexible and affordable phone system with exceptional customer service can count on Transparent VoIP. We are in the business of helping you so you can focus on your business, not your phones. Your business is our priority.
VoIP Means Business
Small business or a mid-market business we have the phone system designed for your organization. Transparent VoIP is for that any size business, even down to a small one-man business can gain access to a highly advanced and sophisticated phone system, enabling your business to establish the same image of professionalism as a massive Enterprise organization. Businesses around the world are embracing this powerful technology and realizing the serious competitive advantages that it provides. What’s more is that VoIP is virtually free of drawbacks.



Save money on telecommunications cost by switching to Transparent VoIP for your business