Reasons To Switch To VoIP For Your Business


VoIP Phone Systems are cheaper than traditional phone systems. VoIP service has an overall lower monthly rate per user along with no contracts! You can save least 30% compared to your traditional analog phone plan. Traditional phone systems charge you for individual features that you may want to add on, with VoIP all our features are included in the base cost with no hidden fees.


VoIP systems can be easily scaled up or down according to your business’ growth. If you have a new employee and need to add a new phone it’s quite simple to add a new phone. Compared to a traditional telephone system you would have to schedule a technician to come out and wire and add more infrastructures in order to add an additional phone. Along with adding the phone line you would typically get stuck with that phone regardless if the employee stays or not. With VoIP you can essentially plug and play. If you are scaling down you can disconnect the phones that are not going to be used and vice versa plug in more phones if you are scaling up.


Receive a feature rich system to give your business a professional feel and bring that advanced business feel to the table. Transfer calls internally and to your cellphone seamlessly. You can even forward calls to your cellphone directly. You receive unlimited long distance calls and international calls are just a fraction of the cost compared to traditional prices. Receive your voicemails wherever you go instead of having to wait to get into the office to check.


these systems are essentially have a plug and play infrastructure and very easy to use phones. It eliminates the need for additional wiring that traditional phone systems require. The phones run off the same wiring used to bring internet to your computer so it removes additional messy wiring on your desk! It makes for a much more organized and simplistic setup on your desk. Any changes that need to be made to the system are very simple as well. There is a very minimal learning curve for these phones.