Up Your Business Communication Game with a Transparent VoIP Phone System

Communication is a vital part of doing business, and several technological advances have been made over the last decade to make the process easier than ever. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) delivers calls to employees and clients over the office IP data network.

Until about 1980s, traditional phone calls were connected through the Public Switched Telephone Network over copper wiring and switches. The invention of VoIP business phone systems introduced a whole new avenue for communication, and phone calls can be made over the same data networks that computers, smartphones and tablets were using. The possibilities are endless.

The benefits of business VoIP through Transparent VoIP is a step toward the future. The potential for business continues to steadily grow as more advances are introduced. Many of the perks do not require much additional hardware, which translates into more profits for your company. While researching the benefits of business VoIP, it will become clear why more businesses are checking their internet resources and finding that the switch is worth the while.

Office features are a top p riority at Transparent VoIP.

VoIP business phone systems like Transparent VoIP provide an array of features and other integrations that can help boost productivity. Some of the examples include phone system features like voicemail, auto attendants, ring groups, dial-by-name directory, music on hold and announcements among many more.

When the time is right and the broadband width is sufficient, companies will find that the upgrade can change the way they do industry forever with Transparent VoIP.

Transparent VoIP Provides Fully Managed Service

There are many full-service options available through Transparent VoIP. A voice over IP system is offered at just $25 per month. The services include reduced phone service costs with a cloud-based VoIP phone system. Companies can also utilize their business with a comprehensive voice and e-fax service, unlimited nationwide calling and faxing to businesses in the United States and Canada and other customizations to fit the individual business needs.

An intercom paging system allows overheard paging throughout a warehouse or yard and other messages to be sent over PA speakers. Businesses will also be able to send emergency notifications quickly.

Because phones are a costly but essential way to do business, a lower cost option can be ideal for small businesses that are trying to distinguish themselves in their field. Transparent VoIP also offers a text service where messages can be sent through email, to personal and business contacts and other users through the office number.

Transcription service for $9.99 for the first user and $3 for each additional user allows voicemails to be transcribed into text files. These files can be unlimited for the entire office, and there is also the ability to view and share the voicemail texts in office emails.

Other options are available to make business run as smooth as possible

VoIP business phones systems through Transparent VoIP can come with several other features. Other options include an automated attendant that can streamline office efficiency and a call transfer option to send calls to other extensions in the office. Transparent VoIP also has an option that allows employees to receive office calls on their cell phone being transparent to the caller that they are out of the office.

Also, available features include dial by name directory, a distinctive ring, custom tagging and call group option, among others. Employers can also broadcast announcements through the intercom or group paging. The call park option allows the user to park a call and then pick it up on another extension in the office.

Transparent VoIP also assures that customers will be supported by a technician in their local county region, and on-site support will be available when the assistance cannot be provided over the phone.

Transparent VoIP promises to back up its hardware. In the case that a building is damaged through a natural disaster, the disaster recovery process can take as little as two to four hours. You can have your phones up and running in your new space in no time.

The call hunting option enables offices to direct its incoming calls to ring in a particular order to individuals or groups depending on how the priority was set up. The industry leaders make decisions every day on what is best for their business, and a more cost-effective, technology first VoIP phone service can be the right call to make.