Acceptable Usage Policy

The intent of Transparent VoIP’s Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) is to improve the usage of our system by preventing unacceptable usage. All customers of Transparent
VoIP or any visiting users of this service are held to the service guidelines and must comply with this AUP.
The following are violations of Transparent VoIP’s AUP:
Illegal use
As a user of Transparent VoIP, you agree to not to violate any local, state or federal laws in any manner.
Copyright or Trademark Infringement
Any use of this service to transmit any material that infringes copyright that is protected by trademark patent or other proprietary rights or derivative works thereof, without
obtaining permission of the copyright owner or right holders is not permitted.
Fraudulent Activity
This service may not be used in any way shape, or form in fraudulent activity including
financial scams, impersonating any persons or entities.
Harm to Others
You agree to not use this service to harm others including not but limited to minors.
Threats & Harassment
You agree to not use this service for any form of obscene, defamatory, abuse, slanderous, threatening, or type of harassing calls. No forms of profane or libelous calls
are not permitted through our system otherwise known as offensive or objectionable.
Collection of Personal Data
You agree against the use of collecting or attempting to collect, personal information
about third parties without their knowledge or consent.
Reselling the Services
No reselling of Transparent VoIP’s services without authorization is acceptable.
Excessive Usage
Transparent VoIP reserves the right to periodically review the usage levels of unlimited minute service plans to ensure that you are using such service in violation of this AUP.
You agree to utilize this service for traditional voice or fax call of a duration comparable to that of the average residential or small business customer. Excessive use is not
permitted, as defined by Transparent VoIP, any usage that substantially exceeds the average call volume or duration by all other Transparent VoIP customers. If any such
abuse or violation is discovered termination or any adjustments to the plan will be made
as it is seemed appropriate.
Revision to our AUP
Transparent VoIP reserves the right to revise, amend, or modify this AUP and our other
policies and agreements at any time or manner.
Any violation to this AUP policy can result in immediate suspension of our service,
termination of your account, fines for administrative costs and/or reactivation charges.