How Can VoIP Call Forwarding and Follow Me Features Increase Productivity?

Technology is at the climax of its development as never before; this advancement is making communication more convenient. With the passage of time, it has provided us with many cheap communication sources but the one we are going to discuss is a unique one. This red-hot technology is coming out of virtual phone sectors and VoIP and it is remarkable for personal and business use. This article will lead you to know about VoIP numbers, VoIP Call Forwarding, Follow Me feature of VoIP and how it is useful.

What Is a Voice Over IP (VoIP) Phone Number?

A VoIP number is regarded as Voice over IP phone number or a Virtual phone number. It is assigned to the user’s actual phone number and it routes the calls to this number without assigning to a specific phone line. The technology industry refers to a VoIP phone number as direct inward calling or as access numbers.

How does VoIP phone number works?

The working of a VoIP phone number is quite different from a local phone number. Unlike traditional phone lines, VoIP routes the phone calls to your number along with the most efficient paths through the internet. It can perform calls, text messages and chats throughout the world. A VoIP phone number looks and capacities precisely like a typical telephone number yet recognizes a client on the IP arrange, instead of the PSTN. Clients can simply dial the number as they ordinarily would.

Behind VoIP Call Forwarding

Have you imagined receiving a single call on multiple devices?

You might have missed some important calls due to unavailability of an extra PSTN Number, but with VoIP call forwarding you can transfer the call from one device to another. If you are busy and don’t want to receive the call or you were already engaged in a conversation, you can simply transfer the call to any other device you want. Surprisingly, this feature can work for multiple devices with the same number which is a quite unique feature.

Above all, if you were neither able to receive the call nor could transfer it, the call is then transferred to voice mail. Because you’ll be diverting calls from your new number to a telephone you possibly use for domestic or social purposes, or because you have several businesses all calling the same telephone, it’s useful to know which number was called so that you can answer each call properly. You can manage all this easily by using a service called ‘Line and Number Presentation’.

Using this feature of our virtual PBX we can send you the telephone number or the name of the company that has been dialed by your caller so you always know how to answer. There are many combinations; you’ll find one that can do just what you need. None of this would be possible or at least not as effective if you were trying to implement this on traditional landlines.

What’s Follow Me/Find Me Feature Really About?

When it comes to VoIP service, there are numerous features to be talked about. A person never wants to miss an important call when he/she is away from the desk. Therefore, VoIP ensures you through Follow Me feature so that you never miss out any important call during office hours. This feature allows you to enlist a number of devices to be selected on a virtual phone number. Let’s assume that you are away from your desk and your phone rings for 10 seconds, it will automatically divert the call to your cell phone and to any other device or devices you want. Hence, this is a greatly beneficial feature of VoIP technology that is going to change the communication future of enterprises.

How it is Productive?

Well, this is a simple problem to be answered as anyone can understand from the above-mentioned features that it is a course-changing service. It can provide you great benefits over ordinary landline services and prove much more worthy. Some advantages of these features are:

Reasonable Cost:

Depending on the service provider, your cost can vary as many VoIP service providers charge extra for additional features. Fortunately, Transparent VoIP only has one plan and it includes everything at an incredibly reasonable price. We’re so proud of our transparent pricing that we include all of our features in the plan. Check out our savings calculator now and find out how much your business could be saving: Transparent VoIP Savings Calculator

 You can have any kind of telephone number you like and as many as you like.


This unique service allows you to perform business communication from anywhere in the world from any device. Moreover, it also enables to do any sort of conversation – it might be a call, text message, voice mail or chat.

Where to Find It?

This fascinating service is easily accessible as you can contact our team here at Transparent VoIP, San Diego’s best VoIP service provider and we’ll be happy to introduce you to the savings and help your business scale without sacrificing quality.