How VoIP Can Help Improve Your Daily Work Flow

Busy Line Function (BLF)

• Ability to see if a person is available or on the phone
• Red light – busy
• Green light – available
• No light – offline
• Everyone can access a central dashboard (operator panel) that allows them to view who is and isn’t available. Eliminates the hassle of interrupting your coworkers or having to check if they’re available to take the call.

Call Transfer & Call Queuing/Park

• Ability to transfer calls internally or to external mobile numbers
• Attended transfers allow caller to talk to receptionist prior to the transfer
• Ability to transfer directly to voicemail if recipient decides to not want to answer the call

Voicemail to email – Voicemail Transcription

• Help improve daily work flow
• Can read voicemails while checking emails
• Cad read voicemails during meetings and when out of the office
• No need to call into your line to receive or listen to voicemails

Fully managed – regular maintenance that needs to be done or any changes that want to be made all included in the base pricing

• Speak to a live person with Transparent VoIP every time
• Never have to go through an automated menu
• Contact us via phone, email or SMS


• Filter out calls
• Set time restraints
• Enter extensions or dial by name directories

Customizable features

• Each user can customize the features on their individual phones. This allows each employee/user to be able to adjust it to their individual work flows.
• i.e. set lunch/break times on their away messages, forward their calls during their lunches to someone else or forward to their cell phones with our follow me feature.